Nitrogen Generator

Air from the Dryer is sent through the coalescing filter where the water and oil coalesce and get purged through the drain valve. Two aluminium towers filled with carbon molecular sieves are used for continuous production. The dry air passes through the aluminium tower where oxygen is adsorbed into the molecular sieve and pure nitrogen is let out. Part of the produced gas is used for regenerating the sieves.


  • Purity maximum upto 99.99%
  • Modular aluminum construction for corrosion free
  • Universal voltage 100-240V AC - 50/60Hz - 1ph
  • Compact in size l Faster payback period


  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Synthetic & Fiber Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Packaging Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cable & Optical Fiber Industry
  • Electronic Industry
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Metal Heat Treatment
  • Glass Industry

Oxygen Generator

Oxygen is the most important clinical gas used in health care centers and Hospitals. No modern hospital can manage without oxygen gas Generator. Pure oxygen is an essential resource in the operating room during anesthesia, for the respiration of patients, and in the intensive care or neonatal units. The constant high demand for this gas renders substantial expenses for hospitals. Currently, hospitals buy oxygen from bulk oxygen gas Generator manufacturers. The bulk oxygen is bought in both liquid and gaseous form. These sources of oxygen can become an economic burden as large hospitals can spend more money in a year on oxygen supply alone.


  • System guidelines as per ISO 10083
  • Oxygen Safe for medical use as per USP requirements
  • Faster payback period
  • Automatic switchover to the secondary oxygen supply
  • Digital display - Oxygen purity & Pressure

Other Applications
Fish Farming, Sewage Treatment, Veterinary, Welding And Brazing, Battery Manufacturing Cement Lime Kilns, MeltingPulp & PaperMining & Gold Processing, Bead Making, Lamp Working, Glass Blowing, Ozone Generator, Medical, Rough Cutting,Mini Steel Mills,MetalSpraying,FurnaceEnrichment,ChemicalOxidation,Fermentation