Compressed Air Filters Cleansweep Microfilters

Any kind of pneumatic tool performs its best when it is filtered of the various contaminants at regular intervals of time. These contaminants could be dirt, oil and water that come unfiltered through compressed air. The oil and water mostly exist in liquid or vapour forms. Getting rid of these contaminants is a must to prevent any unfavorable effects on your end products. Trident produces coalescing filters that help remove liquid oil and water. The micro filter manufacturing process consists of a filter media made up of boro silicate micro glass fibers. On the other hand, the oil in vapour form is removed using activated carbon filters.


  • Very low installation clearance - Install anywhere
  • Oil Removal (Coalescing) and Particulate
  • Flow from 60 cfm to 1065 cfm
  • Particle Removal 0.01 (Ám)
  • Max. Oil carryover 0.003 (mg/m 3)