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Compressed Air Dryer Products

Designed and tested to provide 100 % clean, dry, oil free compressed air at -23 deg c atmospheric dew point, to safeguard your valuable pneumatic equipment. Available in 17 models to suit specific requirements. For pressure upto 70 bar and flow upto 5000 cfm.

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Compressed Air Filters Drain

Electronic Drain Valve are timer based automatic drain valves. Ranging from 16 Bar to 70 Bar also has an exclusive model with SS body. It is generally selected as per the required air flow & pressure. Designed especially to drain sludge and rust laden condensate.

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Gas Generator Products

Air from the Dryer is sent through the coalescing filter where the water and oil coalesce and get purged through the drain valve. Two aluminium towers filled with carbon molecular sieves are used for continuous production. The dry air passes through the aluminium tower where oxygen is adsorbed .

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We being a client oriented team, give paramount importance to achieving utmost satisfaction of our clients. For this, we offer reliable complete solution for compressed air management that match up with their specific requirements.

We are based at Mumbai and providing sales & service for the product related to compressed air management. We have an expert team of sale & service holding a vast experience

In consultation, managing & maintenance for all products related to compressed air management. At present we cater to our customers in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Daman Diu.Read More »

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